Monday 31 May 2010

What a lovely day

What a difference a warm sunny day makes! After a good night with my sleep machine followed by sunshine all day I feel like I'm on top of the world. The best day I've had in ages and so productive... for a change.
I spent this morning sorting through a mountain of papers and documents that have been accumulating for too long. Its a job thats been on my 'to do' list and nagging away at the back of my brain like a toothache for what seems like forever. I'm amazed at how much I can shred and I'm so proud of myself for actually achieving this mammoth task after so long. I really think I developed an aversion to anything vaguely connected to paperwork after working in an archive for twenty years.
Morning over, I gladly succumbed to the glorious sunshine and enjoyed an exotic Solero ice lolly while catching a few rays in the garden...yummm! All that sunshine just begged to have some laundry to dry, so who am I to argue about that? Two loads of washing were soon swaying in the breeze. Realising I was on a roll, I filled my salad keeper with three types of home grown lettuce, washed the leaves and gave them a spin before putting them in the fridge to crisp. My OH is so pleased we are actually eating some of his produce!
I can't have a sunny day without enjoying a salad for dinner. I made a tuna and mushroom pizza on a garlic bread base and served it with new potatos and green salad. Very nice it was too.
I hope the weatherman gets it wrong tomorrow aswell and this glorious weather continues.

nb. I can't write a blog without showing a picture even if its got nothing to do with the story. I created this picture several years ago, entirely from pressed flowers on a chalk background. I have since tweaked it using photoshop and given it a craquelaire effect. Hope you like!