Wednesday 30 June 2010

Barbara's Wedding

Here are some pages from my daughter's wedding scrapbook. It seemed to take for ever to complete but worth it in the end. She and her husband are well pleased with it.

The wedding took place at Gretna Green in March of this year and was attended by close
family who had travelled from Newcastle, Hartlepool and Southampton to share in this joyous occasion.

Parents, sisters, brothers and children were all booked into very nice accomodation for the eve and day of the wedding which took place in a little chapel in the the same hotel complex.

The groom recited his reception speech in verse and I used this as part of the scrapbook embellishment.

A disco followed on in the evening and Barbara donned a chinese style dress for partying.

The night was finished off by lighting a chinese lantern for good luck and the happy couple watched it float away across the night sky.

I hope they get to look at their wedding scrapbook for many years to come and relive those happy memories.