Saturday 29 March 2014

Latest artwork plus

I thought I would share my latest artwork and what I've been up to lately. Not much I could say but just a minute...surprisingly I've done quite a bit if I take the time to reckon up. Years and years of working a fourteen hour day, multitasking my heart out has given me a mind set that won't budge. Its as if I'm brainwashed into expecting so much input and output from myself and any less only labels me lazy. Even six years of retirement doesn't quash the tide of self expectation even if physically, the body doesn't agree.

Its just as well really! I love my projects and must have something to be creative with. They can give me a very welcome buzz. Being creative, contemplative and listening to good music all at the same time is my idea of heaven and as relaxing and multitasking as I ever need to be.

an interpretation of the Widow's Mite
The Art group I belong to with the U3A continues to be good fun, not competitive yet so instructive and encouraging by other members. I felt I had finally made friends with my latest pastel but unfortunately the textured paper doesn't scan well and so I tweeked it with Serif Photoplus to create a more digital friendly image and this is the best image I could come up with.  I hope you like. I was inspired by a painting by James Christensen  .

Term has ended for my calligraphy class and we students held our customary end of term tea with lots of finger foods and snacks with a special gluten free assortment for us freebies. I made some gf cheese bread and cooked gf sausages as my contribution. Some were left over so I decided to pack them back in their container and bring them home to eat later but what did I do? I left the container on the class room windowsill and went home without it. Oh no! Happily not all was lost as I found out later. One of my fellow students took the opportunity to take it home with her and she had it for tea. Bravo! I'm just happy it wasn't wasted and I took it as a compliment to my cooking.

uncial script
This last term we studied the Book of Kells and attempted to copy its style of writing and include drawn letters and animal illustration. The newbies in the class, including me, found it difficult and I for one was almost ready to bring my adventure with calligraphy to a close when the penny finally dropped. Our display of work was appreciated by all and made our tutor very happy. For my second piece, shown here I decided to inscribe a George Eliot piece and used greens and gold to illustrate.  

We were also shown work done by the Northumbrian Scribes and bound as part of the Letters after Lindisfarne project, a sequel to the Lindisfarne Gospels. What amazing artist scribes they are. I stood and watched in awe.

See you soon.