Sunday 26 July 2015

Sunderland Air Show

Little Haven

I had a lovely afternoon sailing on DFDS Princess Seaways along the coast to Sunderland to watch the Air Show. 
John and me

red arrows

North Shields

John, my sister and I enjoyed  a lovely lunch on board and a leisurely cruise along the coastline between South Shields and Seaburn. There must have been a bit of a swell because we felt it on deck and the Captain announced there was bad weather out in the North Sea. So I'm glad we weren't sailing to Amsterdam this trip! 

We had a good view point of the coastline from out on deck and the 
air displays were fantastic. We got a bit blown about by the wind but 
enjoyed it non the less, so much so we are looking forward to doing the same next year. 


Suprisingly, I did manage to get some 
photos with my little camera. I hope 
you like them.
The weather stayed good but because of a tight time schedule the ship had to be back in port for 3pm so we missed the Battle of Britain fly past and the Red Arrows. 

We did catch a glimpse of the Red Arrows when we docked at North Shields. 

Sea King helicopter
I just had to get some nice scenic photos too. These are of South Shields and the Tyne.
North forshaw South Shields

The Tyne

Thanks for sharing my day with me.

Saturday 18 July 2015

candle pebbles decorated with pressed flowers

My blogs are so scarce these days, I hope I have some readers left. 

Sitting here waiting for my alendronic acid tablet to go down. I have to wait sitting upright for half an hour. Hence I thought I would compose a short blog...good idea! 

I'm currently de-cluttering my craft room. I seem to spend half my life de-cluttering...I can't believe all the stuff I've squirrelled away over the years. I did manage to frame a lot of my pictures and they are now hanging in a gallery hoping to be sold. I should have taken a photo...maybe on my next visit. I get lots of ideas and inspiration flows when I am sorting through my stash but I'm being as disciplined as I can be and determined to concentrate on fewer crafts in the future instead of wishful thinking lots of various ones.

Well, its time up and I can move now, so I will just find a picture and get on with the rest of my day. Thanks for calling by.