Saturday, 23 April 2011

Decorated Verse

I'm struggling with so much stash in my craft room doing not much more than collecting dust. That has to change and if I can get my act together I hope to use up lots of acquired picture frames with pressed flower decorated verses/prayers and sell them at parish fund raising events. Thats the plan anyway!
My pressed flower stash is ageing but still useable as I found out to my surprise with this latest arrangement. It never ceases to amaze me how pressed flowers and other plant material come to life as an art form. Hope you like!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mountain Sunset

Feeling a bit didgery doo this morning due to (I think) overdoing the niquitinelle lozenges so am sitting quietly recovering. My fingers are still twitching so I think that's a good sign and am letting them play with a new blog entry.
I am getting more and more desirous to return to playing with pressed flowers and creating artwork with a digital twist. My latest play is with a pressed flower picture I did a few years back and given a new look. It is called Mountain Sunset. Here it is.

Coming up soon is my son's wedding and I hope to get some wedding flowers pressed. I need to take my presses down with me to Gosport to capture the flowers in their best condition. It will be a long journey from up here on Tyneside, making it a three day trip in all so I hope all goes well. The wedding day is forecast to be warm and sunny - perfect for the wedding and a kick start for pressing just as soon as my new daughter in law will allow me to have the flowers. Thinking ahead... hmmm, I will also help myself to any suitable table decoration flowers after the reception.
Its going to be a great day with a granddaughter being bridesmaid and seeing the youngest and last of my children being wed and am thrilled to have been asked to give a reading during the wedding service.
I'm feeling a bit better now. The didgery doos seem to have passed so I will get busy with other things. I have lots to do!