Tuesday 5 April 2011

Mountain Sunset

Feeling a bit didgery doo this morning due to (I think) overdoing the niquitinelle lozenges so am sitting quietly recovering. My fingers are still twitching so I think that's a good sign and am letting them play with a new blog entry.
I am getting more and more desirous to return to playing with pressed flowers and creating artwork with a digital twist. My latest play is with a pressed flower picture I did a few years back and given a new look. It is called Mountain Sunset. Here it is.

Coming up soon is my son's wedding and I hope to get some wedding flowers pressed. I need to take my presses down with me to Gosport to capture the flowers in their best condition. It will be a long journey from up here on Tyneside, making it a three day trip in all so I hope all goes well. The wedding day is forecast to be warm and sunny - perfect for the wedding and a kick start for pressing just as soon as my new daughter in law will allow me to have the flowers. Thinking ahead... hmmm, I will also help myself to any suitable table decoration flowers after the reception.
Its going to be a great day with a granddaughter being bridesmaid and seeing the youngest and last of my children being wed and am thrilled to have been asked to give a reading during the wedding service.
I'm feeling a bit better now. The didgery doos seem to have passed so I will get busy with other things. I have lots to do!

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