Monday 14 February 2011

Crochet and Candles

Took some time off this last weekend to get creative and it was all so worth it.
I haven't worked any crocheting for decades but after finding the same ball of white wool squirrelled away in my stash for the umpteenth time, thought it was about time I did something with it. I bought myself a crochet magazine with freebie hooks and coloured wool as a quick refresher and this is the result.
My granddaughter should love it, as her favourite blankie is made from crochet squares fringed around the edges. With this in mind I added a bit of fringing with the left over strands and added it to the pocket. She loves playing with the fringing so she should feel at home in this body warmer. Fingers crossed she will.
Now I have to make something similar for another granddaughter and then a bolero for yet another. My goodness! what have I started!!

When finished, my hands were still twitching for
something to do and I was on a creative roll. I just love it when that happens and I looked for something quick and easy that doesn't really need much planning. A bit like a simple dessert after dinner. I decided to decorate a candle with pressed flowers for my daughter's birthday coming up next week. I used blue verbena and weed pressed from my garden and adhered and laminated them to the candle using botanical glue. Ordinary PVA white glue works but I prefer botanical. Cheap white paraffin candles are not suitable for this project in my opinion. I much prefer beeswax or good quality church candles.

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