Saturday 13 June 2009

Colours of Anfi

We've had yet another trip, this time to Anfi, Gran Canaria. It was hastily arranged as we had decided not to go to Anfi this year but after discovering flight prices had dropped by two thirds...well, how could we refuse?
We were so glad to return to wonderful Anfi and meet up with old friends, bask in the sunshine and enjoy walks in the beautiful gardens that make Anfi so becoming.
Anfi del Mar boasts four resorts in one and I recorded one of our walks around Anfi with photographs, starting at the Monti/Puerto Anfi reception. (Click on photos)

Opposite the reception entrance is the start of a public footpath from where a breathtaking view of Anfi island and marina can be seen. The island is heart shaped and a romantic gesture by the original founder of Anfi, Bjorn Lyng (now deceased). In front of the island is Anfi Plaza and a stage surrounded by palm trees for night time entertainment.

Our path down to the beach area took us through dappled shade, exotic plants and bougainvillea. From here we could enjoy beautiful scenery and admire the colours and landscape of Anfi.

Natural stone features in Anfi gardens. Walls, paths and even seating areas are constructed from stone.
The apartments stand where rock cliffs used to be and are decorated with recycled stone. Norwegians seem to have a fascination for stone and the hills behind Anfi are dotted with numerous piles of stone, each precariously built as if part of some kind of ritual but I never found out the reasoning behind them. Maybe they are stopping places on a pilgrimage. There is a mound of stones at the base of a huge cross on a prominent ridge overlooking the fishing village of Patalavaca, Anfi and the Atlantic beyond. A visitors' book is buried in the stone mound and a few years ago, after a long and hot climb to the cross I was able to write in the book. I wonder if the book is still there...

Guanches, the original people of Gran Canaria used to live in caves and some of them still do, though modern caves are very tasteful with every mod con. I like to think of visitors to Anfi as being cave dwellers because thats basically what the apartments are, even though they are man made and beautifully inspired and well deserve their high rating status.

Our leisurely walk progressed into the mature gardens of Anfi Beach, where nature and stone combine and the pretty trailing geraniums on each apartment balcony adds a lovely accent of colour.

Anfi's team of gardeners keep the grounds perfectly groomed. Thanks to their efforts it is a joy to walk alongside graceful palm trees, water features and flowering shrubs. It is fun to watch out for native birds and lizards living comfortably at Anfi. Mosquitoes don't exist here...thank goodness!

The beach at Anfi was created from sand imported from the Caribbean. It doesn't get hot, so bare feet are protected on this beach whatever the temperature. It is a favourite haunt for Anfi visitors and locals alike and the silver sand and azure blue sea and sky create a serene contrast of colours.

We walked onward along the beach promenade heading for
Anfi Plaza and the island.
There are several restaurants to choose from at Anfi. This one is Mexican, where we enjoyed char-grilled chicken with Mexican sauce followed by ice cream desert. Other popular restaurants and bars surround the plaza area and entertainment stage.

There is a craft market at the plaza every evening and I was thrilled to see a new stall this year. Alma de Canarias creates unique perfume made by Artisans in the Canaries. The stall, decorated with Bougainvillea, (one of the perfume ingredients) is the prettiest at the market and I treated myself to some perfume, perfectly described as a fresh sea breeze blended with citrus and melon. It really is lovely.

At last we made it to Anfi Island and marina where trailing geranium are in profusion. The water is clear and I have seen Sting Rays in the marina channel, burying themselves in the sand, along with brightly coloured crabs and fish in abundance.

I love the colours of
the leaves shown in the centre photo here. A mix of reds, greens and earthy browns. I think they are my favourite of all shrubs
at Anfi. The seating just behind is so typical of stone sculptures at Anfi and one can imagine inspiration was drawn from a fairy-tale book.

Crossing back from the island we returned to Puerto Anfi and made our way through gates heavily decorated with climbing Bougainvillea. I love this adornment and its riot of pinks, reds and whites. My friends will be surprised to see who is beyond the gates at the centre of this photo.

We made our way up the entrance stairs to Puerto, flanked on each side with colourful shrubs and inviting pathways which led to pools, apartments and then on to Gran Anfi.

Our holidays at Anfi wouldn't be complete without meeting up with old friends and dining out. We had plenty of opportunities to do just that. Whether it was for a nightcap after evening entertainment or hosting a get-together in our apartment or meeting for lunch.

Memorable dining includes an Indian meal at the Bahia where the onion bhajis deserve full marks for presentation.

TheTropicana hosted a grand Canarian Buffet with traditional singers and dancers to mark National Canarian Day and it was amazing. I'm only sorry I didn't have my camera with me at the time. What an event!

Ten of us gathered at our apartment one night and as is usually the case after dining, the men had their own round table on the balcony enjoying their comradeship while we women created our own circle in the lounge.

On the last day of our holiday we all went out for lunch.
This time we walked a mile or so along the coast
to Arguineguin and had lunch al-fresco.
The staff at the Apollo restaurant gathered tables together
so that eleven of us could be together and a great time
was had by all as we tucked into delicious tapas, locally caught fish and mouth watering steak.

I'm not sure if we will be able to visit Anfi again... I'm sad at that but have wonderful memories that I will always treasure. With a wistful smile I can look back at the last twelve years as an Anfi Cave Dweller and remember the good times... Adios Anfi...


  1. Dear Carolyn,
    do you know is it possible to take the same photo like your second picture? I would like to take a picture from the heart shaped island but I don't have a room in that hotel that is too expensive for me, I would like only a picture with my boyfriend.

  2. Hi Stabilo
    You can take the same photo. The viewpoint is across the road from Monti Anfi reception. You also have access to the island if you want to take photos there.

  3. Thanks for your help, we try to find that place. We will be there from 7 November to 11 November. I am writing to you when I came back :) (Sorry for my bad English.)

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    everything was fine and we could make the same picture you have about the heart shaped island :)
    The most beautiful place where I was. I wish I was there.