Friday 20 April 2012

A quick blog

My first blog for ages and all my New Year resolutions are in a failure heap. The reasons are beyond my control so I won't beat myself up about it. I did manage to do some baking this week which I suppose is creative although not in my usual way.
 I followed recipes from a children's cook book I bought at Aldi for £1.99. It has wipe clean pages too, which I think is a brilliant idea and the recipes are so simple, even I can follow them.
The cup cakes were for the members at the Day Centre. I make a dozen each week to help with funds.
These mini cheese and bacon quiches were so delicious I had to get a photo taken quickly before they were all gobbled up. I used Aldi's Greenvale 'Perfect for Baking' for the pastry. It really is very good!

All going well, I will do more baking tomorrow for family. I need to try some gluten free baking, possibly with polenta, which I haven't tried before and ground almonds. Wish me luck :)

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