Saturday 9 March 2013

Easter cupcake decorating with the grandkids

Easter is coming and I thought we could play at making some birds nests cupcakes with yummy teeny chocolate eggs.

It starts off well! Nanna does an example of one then leaves the grand kids to carry on by themselves.

 Jasmine very carefully adds butter cream to the mini cupcakes. This is the base of the birds nest.

Yumm, this is finger lickin' good! Sprinkling coconut on top comes next.

Wow! Jasmine is doing well and has a head start on Natalie. Three little eggs in each nest sounds right.

 Ah Ha! Who gets caught with their fingers in the bowl of chocolate eggs.  Never mind, Natalie's cup cakes are finished and she can eat the left overs.

 Granddad enters the room and his eyes light up at the sight of all those scrummy cupcakes just waiting to be eaten.

One little mite didn't get to join in because she wasn't feeling well. Poor Lils didn't even eat her snack. Maybe next time Lils.

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