Sunday 11 June 2017

Sunday afternoon bake off

The ugliest looking sausage rolls I've ever made!

Jus roll gluten free puff pastry doesn't have an ounce of puff in it.
My dear sister bought me three packs from a discount store on offer at three for £1. I decided to try one pack and freeze the rest seeing as they were near their best before date. I used Aldi's pork gluten free sausage meat which I bought at Christmas and added to my freezer stash then promptly forgot about...I just checked and they were supposed to be used within a month after freezing...ooops!

The finished bake off found them swimming in oil in the oven. Yuk! Poor husband who knew non of this  but is my official tester of all my cooking skills actually liked them and asked for more. So I suppose not all is lost.
(Actually, I tried one later and the pastry was a crunchy wrap around delicious spicy pork sausage :)

My next adventure was to use up some shortbread. You know how we get more festive tins of biscuits and other goodies at Christmas than any decent person should allow themselves to friend Maria tried to offload some shortbread on to our little group at church. Nope! We were all full of such treats but somehow she managed in her own unique persuasive way to off-load them on to me.     (eyes roll)

Biscuits have a good use by date and it's just as well because I finally got to recycle them today. I found a recipe for banana and peanut butter cookies and bypassing the boring bits of the recipe I simply crumbed the shortbread and added it to mashed banana and peanut butter. I used 240grams of crushed shortbread, one large ripe banana and about 130 grams of no added sugar crunchy peanut butter by WholeNut. I baked them at 190C for about 10-15 mins. Here they are waiting for the oven.
                                                                                                                                                              They turned out absolutely yummy, not too sweet, not too soft and just right. YES! Success!!! Maria will be glad to know her shortbread got used eventually and the volunteers at Hebburn Helps  are in for a treat tomorrow.

And here they are baked to perfection     

Date and Banana loaf and
Banana with peanut butter cookies

along with husband's favourite date and
banana loaf. Beautifully moist, light and
full of flavour.
If we had visitors, this gluten
free loaf would have been devoured in
seconds but some slices will keep well
for a few days, sealed and wrapped in
the fridge.
The rest will go in the freezer.

Oh Happy Days!

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