Sunday 30 December 2012

Santa was good to me

Grandaughter Amber with Santa, 2007

Last night I finally got round to playing with my Christmas toys, yeah! A new CD/Radio player in pink!!! will keep me company in my craft room. New CDs are the gorgeous Neil Diamond, The Very Best Of and Alfie Boe, Storyteller. Listening to Alfie singing Bridge Over Troubled Water at the moment....sad but nice. My husband John bought me all of this bar the Neil Diamond CD for Christmas despite me saying he hadn't to spend too much but he loves splashing out at Christmas. I got him his favourite Laphroaig whisky, Thornton's chocolates, vintage Old Spice and the very last issue of the Dandy comic. 

I thought my new camera would be a challenge as everything seems to be so highly tech these days. Its a Nikon Coolpix and it has a rechargeable battery. Yes!!! That's just what I wanted. I managed to install and charge the battery. Installed the memory card and took some sample shots. It has a clever gadget that zooms in and out or goes landscape at a simple touch and it also does videos but I'm leaving that part till later. I tried installing the photo edit software that came with it but my lap top didn't want to know. Never mind! I was still able to upload photos using my resident Serif software. So far, I'm pretty pleased with myself. Oh no! I've just caught sight of my old Kodak digi camera. The one that has served me well for many a year now sitting on a shelf looking all forlorn...feeling sad can I be so fickle...I will miss you little friend.

Alfie is still singing and is up to the Shine a Light track with a gospel edge to it. Very enjoyable!

Last night I finished off my playtime by baking some gluten free scones using a recipe from one of two gluten and lactose free cookery books given to me by my son Drew and his lovely wife Kelly. I'm delighted to receive such a thoughtful present crammed full of no nonsense recipes.  I'm sure I will be using them often in the future. I'm very pleased with how the scones turned out. Nice and light with a soft texture but not too crumbly. Just right! I omitted the sugar as I prefer plain scones that can be used with both sweet and savoury fillings and these scones do the job perfectly.

My wonderful daughters were very kind giving me toiletries and jewellery with which I will pamper myself. Thank you girls and family for such lovely gifts this Christmas.

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