Monday 7 September 2015

Late summer and home made soup

view from back garden

I don't think its been the best summer ever this was late arriving in my part of the country, very changeable and not quite as warm as I would like it to be but nevertheless, summer is hanging on. August last year was definitely showing signs of autumn by now and I think the previous year was the same but so far, I'm still struck by summer's presence, mellow light and that air of sleepiness I always enjoy in late summer. 
Walnut tree with Bat boxes at back of house

We still have to experience the tell tale autumn signs of a nip in the air and misty mornings. Normally, that would signal the home made soup season. Thick and warming soup, traditionally made with ham stock, lentils and vegetables. So I have been a bit early this year and its all due to a lovely little woodland cafe called Causey House Tea Room in Co. Durham. 

I was there last Sunday with my husband John and having to be careful with my diet I chose home made soup from the menu, kindly supplied with gluten free toast as an option. Well, each spoonful had a reminiscence of Autumn and I was hankering to make my own again whether the season changed or not. And so I did! 
Home made soup

Already hubby has had a good share and I will have some for supper tonight. Thats if there is any left...yuuuummmmmmmm.

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