Monday 7 September 2015

Summer Break and School Holidays

Anyone going to visit South Shields Marine Park during the school summer holidays will have noted the high numbers of grandparents with their various young charges. We were not alone in this and blended in well. 
The boating lake at South Shields Marine Park

We had good times with the youngest of our grandchildren, visiting the park, the fair, the beach, Bedes World and Tanfield. Not all together I might add (smile).

Causey Arch, Tanfield
Drew and Kelly on the Tanfield railway

Drew, Kelly and Eva on the mini steam engine railway.
Lily-Jo on the mini steam engine railway

What is it about steam engines that attract young and old alike? 

Lily-Jo in the park
Eva on the kiddies rides

Eva at the fun fair

Bedes World, Charlies Park, the Fun Fair and Birthday parties are always good attractions for the youngest ones.

Eva at Jasmine's birthday party
Drew and Eva on the beach

The summer school holidays are over now and life gets back to some kind of normality but what a good time we had!

Phew...worn out!

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