Friday 24 March 2017

Mothers Day

Mothers Day flowers

What a wonderful sun drenched morning that came with a delivery of fresh flowers...tulips in shades of pink! They arrived in plenty of time for Mothering Sunday, so kindly remembered by my lovely son Drew and daughter in law Kelly. I cant thank them enough. They brought me such pleasure.

But other delights were in store! Squirrelled away in the depths of the giant box the flowers came in were two more gifts.


What next!

A bag of heart shaped chocolate truffles, mmmmmmmm. I will allow myself one per day and decadently eat them all by myself.

The third surprise was a mini scented candle, boxed and wrapped so prettily. I was delighted to discover the fragrance was bluebells and wood favourite wild flowers.

scented candle with bumble bee

Look at the photo of the candle and yes, that's a bumble bee. How sweet!

The wrap has absorbed the fragrance beautifully and so will be put in my undies drawer to spread out its scent but not until I finish colouring it in. What fun! 

scented wrap to be coloured in with pencils
 Thank you Drew and Kelly.


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