Friday 14 April 2017

Palm Sunday

Spring from my bedroom window
Palm Sunday had the promise of a beautiful Spring morning bathed in
sun freckles, cherry blossom and
newly born leaves under a canopy
of clear blue sky...

Just what I needed!

I went to early morning mass and
collected my palm crosses. One for
me and one for each of my children.
I remember reading or hearing
somewhere that displaying the
palm cross at home throughout
the year will bring peace.

Well I can't say that's definite from my own experience but then I don't
know how life would be without a palm cross on display. 
I'm not going to shelve my blessings by not showing one, that's for sure.

As the sun climbed higher in the sky it got warmer, too warm for April really but welcome all the same. The diced lamb was cooked so I switched off the slow cooker and decided it was too nice a day to be stuck in doors cooking Sunday lunch so John and I went out for the afternoon to Seaham and joined throngs of people of all nationalities and accents, all doing the same. I would imagine very much like the first Palm Sunday. 
The giant car boot sale spread out across fields and why we should spend an afternoon looking at mostly other people's junk I will never know but we weren't the only ones. I did manage to get some very nice silk flowers and John got two new pairs of casual trousers, the kind he likes and for whatever reason, can only find for sale at markets!

By mid afternoon it was hot and the sun was still blazing down. The one and only ice cream van had a vast queue and I wasn't prepared to take my turn in it so we got hotdogs instead. Mine without a bread role but with onions. I thought it tasted awful but John scoffed his with lashings of mustard.

A ramble in the fresh air and sunshine
Palm Sunday wreath
did us the world of good and when I
got home and after lunch I was
motivated to make some spring/
summer wreaths using my newly
acquired silk flowers and
butterflies that belonged to a recently deceased Philippine lady
who was well loved in our parish. I gave one of the wreaths to her carer and she was so grateful, bless her.
It will be a lovely memory of Joanna.

My mother was on my mind for much
of the day too. It would have been her birthday and I like to think that in her corner of heaven she shared making wreaths with me.

By the way. The lamb was beautiful, it was so tender and juicy, mmmmm, must make it like that again sometime.

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